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"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."

Quote: Chinese proverb

This section is generally for teachers, however parents of home schoolers can also use it. It contains information about our software, print sheets, good ideas, and a whole lot more. We aim to make this section a great tool for educators, containing everything they need in order to make their use of our math software easy, efficient, and time saving as we know how much time teachers spend on preparing and evaluating. In other words: We want the educators to spend their time on passing on the treasure of knowledge, rather than on finding the treasure!

We think LEARNING is much more than just practicing skills.

We also want to help educators providing qualified learning, in the sense that we don't just focus on practicing already learned knowledge and skills. Since many students find it hard to remember what they have learned, we focus on making products which not only practice, but also explain and teach. Mondiso offers great animated instructional videos, which are good for both the teacher and the students. The videos and games contain more than 10,000 speak files, made by real actors, which, along with the visuals, results in a great storytelling that children can understand and have fun playing with. The student will have a feeling of being spoken with, rather than just instructed.

In other words: Both the teacher and the students gain from the storytelling, in the sense that the teachers are aided in their instructions, and the students can always get the explanation of a subject "one more time" without having to wait for a teacher to come over.

Our games focus on learning, rather than instructing

This section is developed by teachers, as we believe that a teacher is the best person to understand what other teachers need. The section is under constant development, so if you find that something is missing or can be made better, you are more than welcome to contact us giving us good ideas to improve it.

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