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What Our Users Say:

Testimonials from Teachers

What teachers say about Mondiso

Below are some of the feedback we get from teachers:

  • A universe students are excited about
  • Extremely suitable for differentiating what you teach - in order to meet the individual student at her/his level
  • Does not require any special IT skills either by pupils or teachers
  • Students are excited to work with the program
  • They are proud every time they have solved a task
  • Students discuss the mathematical concepts intensively and work in a structured way
  • Teachers experience being able to "reach" students, who could not be reached with traditional classroom activities
  • Ideal for exploring mathematics
  • The program has made mathematics more interesting
  • Provides "new" explanations for the students to benefit from

Short statements by teachers

"Students are able to work very independently with the program because of its instructions, thus freeing up time for the teacher to focus on individual students needs."

"The Special Needs class think it's fantastic to work with Mondiso and they have actually begun to do their homework more frequently."

"After having worked with Mondiso's assignments regarding learning to tell time, our students seems to have understood the concepts much better."

"The program is built on things that students face in everyday life, which they can better relate to."

Testimonials from Schools

Blågård Skole (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The greatest thing is that the students feel safe in using the program. When they come to a new topic, they have no problems coping with the tasks. Their self-esteem is also growing because they can help each other.

We usually work in our books first and then the students work with the sites' review of the topic. Having done this, returning to the problems in the books, is a pice of cake for the students. They now feel safe enough to doing one math problem after another - even students who used to not like math now takes on the subject with great energy.

Vigerslev Allé Skole (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Students have worked diligently and zealously with different levels in Mondiso. Most students have liked the program, especially those students who have difficulty with mathematics and who find it natural to work with computers. In the beginning we had som technical difficulties, which gave the project a chaotic start. This meant that we couldn't work in a very structured way, so the program has primarily been used as a supplementary material.

Working at different levels

One of our teachers says that students have worked on very different levels, just as the program suggests.

"Some have worked extensively with it at home, and have quickly finished the game. Others have only logged in a few times at home, and still others have not used it at home. (...) Most students have liked the program and have used it eagerly. It has especially been the students who generally have difficulties in math."

Fun and self-explanatory universe

The vast majority of pupils have been pleased with the ability to 'play' with math, and only a few have expressed themselves negatively towards Mondiso. Almost all students agreed that the universe is fun and well made with good instructions, which in most cases did not need an explanation from an adult."

Skolen i Ryparken (Copenhagen, Denmark)

In a fifth grade class for students diagnosed with autism both Mondiso and Mingoville [ESL program - beginners level] have been used. We found that the students, due to their highly differentiated level, tend to pick the content they feel they can achieve and thereby learn from.

The programs are built up really good. The intros, repetition and also the games can be used in different ways. The teacher believed that the way the programs introduced new things in a visual way was very good.

Testimonials from Students

What students say about Mondiso

Below are some of the feedback we get from students:

  • It's fun and much easier this way
  • You don't need to be corrected by the teacher everytime you make mistakes
  • Can work independently
  • Bold, different, fun way to learn mathematics
  • It's more fun using computers than the book
  • It's challenging - something maybe a little difficult
  • Good explanations

Testimonials from Parents

Think that math can be fun and cool!

A big thank you for having made a super alternative to the traditional mathematics teaching in schools.

My daughter is in 8th Grade and has always had trouble with doing arithmetic. She is more visually oriented in her learning and have found it difficult to concentrate on the general means of education. She has had less and less interest in math, both at school and at home. She has recently had access to both Hexaville [Level 4 to 6] and Pitropolis [Level 7 to 9]. She started with Hexaville to get the basics in place and soon she was not able to drag away from the computer. For the first time she felt that she understood the principles of simple mental arithmetic, which gave her a huge boost. It has actually made ??her so sure of herself that she now has begun to take an interest in mathematics at school.

In the programs she was met in a manner and at a level that one, as a child or teen, can relate to; or as my daughter puts it: "Think that math can be fun and cool!" (...) That's the way to go. I would recommend that anyone who has the chance, put pressure on their school so they get a real alternative/complement to the traditional way of teaching, so the more visually oriented students can actually avoid being lost due to the ever increasing demands on both teachers and students.

Thanks again to you.

Sincerely, Per Bruun Andersen

Your programs and understanding of how children learn is great

Many greetings and thank you for your help! I now have a girl that just grows and grows in both beauty and brain capacity (...) Your programs and understanding of how children learn is great.


He moves along at his own pace

I have a son who is 15 years old that I teach at home, as he is currently not able to follow a normal public school program.

We are extremely pleased with your software. He can sit down and learn new things while being matched to his level - and his way of learning. He gets nothing out of the "ordinary" teaching methods. Therefore it is simply perfect for him. He moves along at his own pace and he doesn't feel that his errors are "controlled" by me, as he can instantly see if there are problems he did wron. He can work with it again and again until he gets it right.

In this way, it does not feel like a defeat, but instead a victory for him.

Moreover, I follow along inderectly by using the evaluation tool. From what I see there, I can then prepare different tasks for him that support the learning he gets through the website. It just works really well.

We can fully agree with what others have said about the program:

  • It's fun and much easier this way!
  • The student can work independently
  • It's a different and fun way to learn mathematics
  • It's challenging
  • Good explanations of the program
  • The storytelling is good.

Sincerely, Anita Pedersen

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